Saturday, 8 March 2008

WOW its been ages!!!

Greetings all.. I have been extremely slack at this blogging thing... Life just passes me by really, busy busy busy.... So, whats been happening with me??? Starting back at xmas.. Had a relaxed and chilled out time, nothing too exciting but a lovely day with family and friends.. New Years i had a quiet one at my good mate Matts place, which was a Cocktail party, complete with a pina colada fountain.. lol... Good fun.... I had a bit of a judgment error in getting back with Marc just after New Years . . but i would say very fortunately for me, he got cold feet again 4 days later, and i called it off for good... Totally over that..... I am trying to remain friends, but it is quite hard after all the emotional trauma and hurt over the past few months... Enough of that...

Liv is good, i cant believe that she will be 5 this year!! Time just flies so fast.... She is full of beans and attitude, like you would not believe.. but still absolutely adorable and sweet little girl.. We are currently thinking about selling our house.. I have been there for almost 8 years now, and the renovations are finally almost complete.. I think its just maybe time to make a fresh start.. No firm plans as yet though, but i am thinking of a nice tidy, low maintenance brick and tile somewhere a bit quieter than where we are now... What else>>>??? For almost a week now i have been extremely sick with a chest infection/flu which has knocked me right off my feet.. I am still recovering, and staying with mum and my step dad, so i can get some good food into me and help with looking after the wild child. I will probably stay here till mid next week, until i fully recover. Its been a nasty one!!

Otherwise , all is good.. I am still loving my job, although unfortunately due to being sick a lot lately i have had a bit of time off.. I am working now on getting healthier and stronger, and beat these recurrent things that keep troubling me.. probably related more so to the stress i have endured since last October.. It can only get better , thats all i can say....

Having a bit of a bash for my birthday at Mums, seeing as its Easter weekend.. (easter saturday if i have forgotten to tell anyone)..
Anyway, thats enough for me.. Hope everyone else is happy and well..

Love Kylie and Olivia xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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