Friday, 14 March 2008

Latest update....

Hi all... well... i have had a pretty crappy week. I had been on antibiotics for my chest infection for 10 days and although a little better, remained really breathless and started getting really severe swelling in my legs... Thought i better go back to doc this morning and get it checked out.. What a day... Got sent for an urgent chest xray, which turned out to be ok... then the doc rang a cardiologist who was quite concerned and sent me for an urgent CTPA - which is a pulmonary angiogram, they put a drip in, injected dye into my bloodstream and did a ct scan of my lungs, they were suspecting pulmonary embolism (bloody clots inmy lungs). It was pretty harrowing.. anyway that turned up negative thank god, but my blood tests showed some thing elevated which indicated some inflammatory thing.. turns out they think i have a cardio myopathy.. or possibility peri carditis....Which is a bit scary... Probably a secondary thing to my recent illness, and my heart is a bit sick.. So i am currently on strict bed rest for at least a few days, with my legs up... and taking fluid tablets to try and get rid of the fluid, which has added a whole 5 kg to my weight in a week!!!!!!! Not very happy.......Side effect from that is that u lose potassium from your body, so i have to eat a minimum of three bananas a day, and i dont even love bananas.. lol........ oh well....... Soooo glad i bought this laptop and wireless internet a few weeks ago, i would be soooooooooooooo bored without it.. So im still laid up at my mums as i cant take good enough care of Olivia wheni am this sick... Feeling pretty crap too :-( Anyway, thats my latest news.. i am hoping very much that i get better quickly, believe it or not, i really am missing work... and not loving lying around... My feet and legs are so swollen, you cant even see my ankle bones... Not good...... Im a mess, i know, if i was a dog they would shoot me... lol... Hoping i am well enough to enjoy easter and my birthday next weekend....... I am also extremely missing human contact from people other than my immediate family, so feel free to come and visit.... lol ;-)
Thats all for me..... xxxxxxx


Tracy said...

what am I chopped liver - or do you just consider me immediate family now!! Get better soon.

Ian said...

Get better soon Kylie
will call you when you are better