Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hello..... and Happy April..

Wow, where has the year gone, April already??????
Just an update for everyone.... After all my cardiac tests came back negative, the doc decided to run some more blood tests and discovered i had hyperthyroidism.. which means basically that my thyroid levels were really high.. causing the tachycardia (fast heart rate), breathlessness, swelling and generally shitty way i have been feeling for MONTHS.. if not the last few years.. Saw an Endocrinologist urgently a day later, and it turns out i have Graves Disease.. Sounds pretty bad i know, but it seems to be relatively treatable.. I have started on a pile of medication, i feel like an old lady with the amt of drugs i have to take.. But amazingly, after just 2 weeks i am starting to feel better.. Well... i didnt initially, and the past week i have been laid up in bed AGAIN all week, with a nasty case of tonsillitis.. Turns out the medication to lower my thyroid levels, also lowers your white cell count, hence picking up any nasty bug which happens to be around... So back on another 10 day course of antibiotics!!! GGGrrrr.... I went back to work last Monday, just did an 8 hr shift and i swear it nearly killed me... But as it turns out , i was just starting to get sick with the tonsillitis.. Life has to get better doesnt it???? Anyway, i am definately feeling better today.. so will just take one day at a time.. Im totally over doctors and blood tests, i would gladly never have a test again, but unfortunately it is going to be a pretty regular part of my life from now on.. :-(
Olivia recently spent a week with her father, she says she had a good time, but was very happy to be home with Mummy :-). I missed her HEAPS but i was nice to have a week to just SLEEP and not have to take care of somebody else, and that is pretty much all i did..

Anyway... hope everyone else is well and happy.... And thanks to everyone for your kind emails, texts, facebook msgs etc.. lol ;-), i appreciate it very greatly... Kyls xxxxxxxxx

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Sleepydumpling said...

Sending healing vibes your way hon!