Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A few newies to share....

4 out of my challenge of 10 layouts on my holidays accomplished! I am doing pretty well!!!

Not entirely thrilled with either of these two, they're ok... but not quite what i had in my head! Although the more i look at the Song and Dance one, i am feeling a little happier about it.. the other one is just a lost cause to me, but i cant work out how to fix it now, so will just be one of those in the album that i'm not too fussed on! Happens sometimes i guess!!! Some days you love what you create, some days, you just don't!!!!

Might have to have a little rest from scrapping for a day or two i think! Or maybe not... lol...I took some amazing pics of Olivia on the weekend, that should inspire me some!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me some love, i really love getting comments from people.. even constructive criticism is welcome LOL xxx

Stuck?! Sketch

I'm on a roll this week... i set myself a challenge of getting 10 layouts done on my holidays, and 4 days in, i have completed 4! :)

Here's one, based on a Sketch for a monthly competition over at Stuck Sketches

TFL :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

In my happy place! :)

A lovely quiet Saturday, in my happy, happy place... Scrapping!!! Yaayyy!!!

here is layout 4 for the year (excluding commission stuff!) Im really happy with it... Mum reckons there's too much white space... Well poooeeyy to her!! I think it is simple and clean, and i like it! :) What do u think????? xxxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My 2nd non DT layout for the year... my god i am slack!!!! lol....

Well, its been a while, i really am hopeless when it comes to maintaining my blog!! lol...
Have been on a bit of a health kick/diet for the past month or so, and in the process, have managed to lose 10kg~!!!!!! A bit excited about that i can tell you, and feeling fantastic too! :) Pretty impressed with going down 2 sizes in a relatively short time!!!!!

I have a way to go to be where i want to be, and only 13 1/2 weeks to do it. Yes, in just 13 1/2 weeks, i'm off on my massive trip to the US of A! SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA, here we come... Travelling with one of my besties, the beautiful Holly girl.. We are going to have sooooo much fun, and probably a little mischief.. he he.....

Ok, onto scrappy things... Heres a couple of cards Phil and I made this evening... :) Just a little card for Fathers Day, isn't the tie such a cute idea for a masculine card???? The one on the right is mine, Phil made the one on the left, i think his looks a bit better than mine, and i must admit, he helped me a bit with mine, LOL... and I'M supposed to be the "Scrapper", lol... he he he.......

Another layout of my gorgeous little dancing queen, with her lifelong friend Mia at eisteddfod earlier this year.... Loved hand cutting paper again! It has been ages since i have found papers good to cut out :)

Gorgeous Kaiser "Miss Nelly" range... Love it, so cute :)

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Issue 9 is out on the stands, make sure you grab a copy, some amazing talent in there, and then of course, there is a few from me with my interpretation of my own sketch... And look out for Issue 10 as well as i have another article coming up in that one! :)

TTFN, Smile and be happy! :) xxxxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Time to share a few layouts!

Here's a few of my latest layouts, as published in UK Scrapbook Magazine, Issue 56!

I haven't been creating much lately! But have been spring cleaning the scrap room and selling heaps and heaps of stuff on an awesome page on Facebook called Aussie Scrappers Garage Sale. It is so awesome, i have made nearly $450 in the last 3 weeks!!!! And have soooooo much more to clear out!!! Check it out!!!!! All more spending money for my big US Trip, in just 15 weeks!!!! Yiippeeee!!!!!! Hoping to sit down and create tomorrow on my one day off!! :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Finally i can reveal a little about what i have been doing this past year! :-)

I really have been scrapping this past year.. so finally i can reveal some of my magazine DT work...... (There's quite a few, if you are interested in having a look, you may need to click the "Older Posts" button at the bottom of the page........... TFL, please let me know if you stop by , by leaving me some Blog Love :-) xxxxxxx

SCRAPBOOK MAGAZINE (UK) Issue 54 - My first ever magazine Cover!!!!!!!! (Using the freebie papers provided by the magazine)

Scrapbook Magazine (UK) DT work Issue 51 Bohemian