Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A few newies to share....

4 out of my challenge of 10 layouts on my holidays accomplished! I am doing pretty well!!!

Not entirely thrilled with either of these two, they're ok... but not quite what i had in my head! Although the more i look at the Song and Dance one, i am feeling a little happier about it.. the other one is just a lost cause to me, but i cant work out how to fix it now, so will just be one of those in the album that i'm not too fussed on! Happens sometimes i guess!!! Some days you love what you create, some days, you just don't!!!!

Might have to have a little rest from scrapping for a day or two i think! Or maybe not... lol...I took some amazing pics of Olivia on the weekend, that should inspire me some!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me some love, i really love getting comments from people.. even constructive criticism is welcome LOL xxx

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