Saturday, 29 May 2010

Where's this year gone?????

Once again, the year hasn't got off to the best start, scrapping wise! I haven't got around to doing very much at all!! I was very excited to have my 3 page article published in Scrapbook Magazine in the UK IN march, pics to follow! It's on sale here in Aus now :-)

Some very exciting news.... Olivia has been extremely fortunate to have scored herself her very first job!!! Well... she has been signed with a Modelling Agency!!!!! One of the largest and most reputable Children's Modelling Agencies in the country, i submitted an application, after her asking me for years if she could have a go.... I couldnt believe it when they called me literally TWO minutes after i pressed "Send", called us in for an interview the very next day, and phoned us the day after to let us know that they absolutely loved her, and think they will be able to get her plenty of work! We have our first photo shoot next week!!! She is beside herself with excitement!!!!!! If it all goes well, she will be earning more money than her mother!!! LOL...

Miss Olivia has also been keeping her mum and Nanny extremely busy with all her dancing. On a very proud note, she danced her very first ever "Solo" dance at the Show a few weeks ago, and scored 3rd place! Which i thought was fantastic for a very first effort! She was extremely proud of herself and her trophy and ribbon!!
The first eistedfodd was a week later, and we won two 2nd places in her group dances, which was also fantastic, great work to all the Dancetime Studio Girls!! Not much rest for the wicked, the next eistedfodd is 2 weeks away, Liv is in 6 group dances again, over two days, and then a week after that performing her Solo in the eistedfodd also! At least we get a little break after that, the next eistedfodds are in September, and we found out the other week her dance teacher Mandy is teaching her TWO more solo's to perform! One ballet and one Song and Dance Tap.. So Nanny could be very busy making more costumes!!!

Apart from all the busyness surrounding my child, which is really all i ever seem to have time for these days... i have been flat on my back for over a week with a back injury, and a mild cold, then came down with a really nasty flu and chest infection this week! Have been off work for nearly 18 days, and i am soooooo over it! Fortunately, i am blessed with the best mum in the whole world, she has been here with us for 9 days, looking after both of us, despite being sick as a dog herself, i couldn't have lived without her, and i am getting quite used to having her around, doing the washing, ironing,e tc... LOL.... I dont want her to go home today :-( lol
I haven't even been able to scrap on my time off, coz i couldn't even sit!!! How much does that suck????? It is sad to say, i am really looking forward to going back to work next week, i have been so bored i've been going out of my mind!!!!!! But anyway.... all will be good!!! Will post some pics shortly of a layout i started before i got sick, it's almost finished!!!!!!! TTFN xxxxxx


Katgurl72-Kylie said...

Wow that is awesome about being publish in a UK mag....its hard enough getting published in our own country!! Fantastic news Kylie ;)

ArchivingAngel said...

Hello Kylie~ sorry that you have not been well.
Double Congratulations are in order!
1- to you for getting published
2- to you & your little girl who is gorgeous (like her mom).

All the best to you both!
As always happy crafting,

ArchivingAngel said...

Kylie~ me again...just wanted to let you know there is a blog award awaiting your retrieval on my blog. Come on over & copy & paste it on to your blog.
Then share it with 10 other sweet bloggers just like you.
Thanks for your support.
All the best,