Thursday, 25 March 2010

March Madness.....

Colour challenge last week at SOD - Black, white , pink and green.. This one was a bit of a challenge for me! Challenge for CC at SOD last week, use a handmade flower and an altered flower - i handmade the denim "lollipop" style flowers.

An "All white" challenge i had between a friend and I. This was also a tricky one! My layout is a bit simple.. but it is all white, so there you go.. Lol..

Wow, i have had such a busy month!! This week was my birthday, the big 3-8! (As i say, i'm not 38, i'm 18 with 20 years experience! LOL) I still can't believe i am really that old.. LOL... My gorgeous girlfriend Holly took me to "High Tea" at a lovely little Brissy restaurant "Joseph Alexander's" on the river on Tuesday, and i spent my birthday lunch at Platform 9 Restaurant with my darling Mum and my very beautiful, and very pregnant, best friend in the whole world Sandie, so all in all , it has been a lovely week!

In amongst all the socialising, i have still managed to scrap 3 layouts this month, taking my yearly total to 5, which is not too bad, considering the serious slump i have had the last 6+ months!! I am slowly getting my groove back i think. Have done some serious damage to the bank account with some rather extravagant spending on supplies though!!

On an exciting scrapbooking note, i have a 3 page "Introducing....." article coming out in UK Scrapbook Magazine apparently this week, I can't wait to see it in print! I have also had a few other layouts accepted



ArchivingAngel said...

Hello~ I just found your blog & it is lovely.
Your layouts are just beautiful.
I will be stopping by often to visit.
Hope you can follow along my blog at:
Happy Crafting!

Kathleen said...

I saw the article Kylie!!! It looks fabulous - congrats!!!!!!!!!!