Monday, 2 August 2010

I have been very busy!!!!!!

It's been a huge month here!!! I have had so much exciting news and have been very busy creating!

First of all i got asked to design for UK Scrapbook magazine! How exciting is that??
Then, i got a random email from the lovely editor of a great new scrapbooking mag here in Australia, "Australian Scrapbook Ideas", and was asked to write an article including 3 layouts for their upcoming Issue 3! Obviously, i can't share these layouts, but this has kept me out of trouble for the past few weeks! What an honour!!! I also have an "Introducing" article coming up in the next issue of Australian Scrapbook Ideas (Issue 2, which comes out in September!) Very exciting indeed!! I have also put in an application for their Design Team, so will wait and see how i go!

The current issue out now, Issue 1, also features one of my layouts in the Members Gallery, which was also mega exciting for me, because it is my first time to be published in Australia! Yaayy!!! It's a great new mag, if you haven't seen it yet, go and grab one! Especially the next 2 issues, ha ha ;-P

Aside from all the scrapping excitement, life is just generally busy! My darling sweet baby girl turns 7 tomorrow, would you believe? So we have been busy organising her party for next weekend, which, at her request, is a "Masterchef" party, where all the kiddies are going to cook the food and be judged by us! LOL.. It should be so much fun!

My next overseas trip is now just 10 weeks away, and i started a serious diet/exercise plan, my 13 week challenge, 3 weeks ago. I have been doing pretty well, walked about 20 km last week in total, which is a small miracle for me, who never does any exercise! I have lost 2.7 kg in 3 weeks, which is pretty good i guess, although i thought with the massive diet changes i have made and the serious exercise, that i would have lost a bit more, but every little bit is good!!!

Right, now its time to clean up this disaster zone of a Scrap Room! It is in such a mess at the moment!!!! LOL ;-)

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