Friday, 26 February 2010

Mojo is still missing in action

Wow, has it been that long since i even looked at my blog??? I don't quite know what has happened to me.. i have done ONE lousy layout in the past.. ooohh... 7, 8 months... It is very sad.... I guess life just gets too crazy sometimes.. It seems to have all co-incided with starting my new job last July, although i quite enjoy it, and enjoy the challenges, it is full on and very stressful at times, so maybe that's one of the reasons i have lost my mojo!!

On a positive note... I got an email a few weeks ago from the lovely editor of UK Scrapbook Magazine.. and they are publishing a 3 page "Introducing...." article in their magazine of me next month, including 4 of my layouts! This has kind of kicked me up the butt to get my act together and get back into it.. I have spent the last few weeks looking around at everyone's work on blogs and online galleries, and all the goodies in the stores of course.. and i'm starting to feel a bit of a creative twinge coming back.. so this could be a good thing.. I even put the scrap table back up in my study, it's been folded up under the futon for over 4 months!! Today, I received a lovely box of goodies, that i ordered from the US last week, so many yummy things, (including 5 beautiful sets of nestabilities, so can't wait to use those babies!!!! ) My brain is starting to tick over now... and i think this week will be the week to get back into it! Lol... Stay tuned........ :-)

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