Friday, 23 January 2009

I have been so slack with my blogging!!

Hi all! I know, its been a while.. Life has just been completely crazy! As you know i had my big o/s trip in November. What an absolute hoot that was!! Holly and i had the time of our lives in Thailand! I love the crazy place! Unfortunately, or some may think fortunately! lol, we got mixed up in the whole airport closure thing that was going on in Bangkok, and ended up stranded over there for a week longer than expected! In hindsight, it was no big deal, but at the time, we were a little stressed and frustrated, with not knowing when we would be able to get out of there and back to our daughters, but we made the most of the extra week anyway, and managed to see just about everything there is to see in Bangkok!

We finally arrived home early December, straight back to work, and then Christmas was upon us in no time at all! Had a lovely Christmas at mums with the family, despite having to work night shift Christmas Eve, we had a lovely afternoon and evening drinking cocktails!
Now its almost the end of January!!! I've also been helping organise our 20 year High School Reunion, i know, i know, i dont seem old enough!! ha ha... Jokes... Its quite scary, and almost impossible to believe, that it has been 20 years since i finished school! Time just flies by too fast! Anyway, we have got the wheels turning on this now, its up and running and booked in for Easter Saturday, and i am really looking forward to it! I have so far 3 of my closest school friends coming from interstate or far away, to stay with me, and i am looking forward to spending some time with them and running amok for the night too, lol.

I have been ill all week, which does not make me all that happy, but i have just seen the doctor, and its nothing too serious, i'm a little run down and sporting a face and neck that makes me look like a chipmunk from swollen glands, and ulcers in my mouth and coldsore to boot! But after 3 days in bed, i'm up a little today and hoping to improve soon! My Graves is currently under control which is one good thing, but i think wearing myself out the last few months makes me a little more susceptible to bugs going around.. But i will surely survive lol ;-)

SCRAPPING WISE - I have been busy scrapping the past few weeks, and although my mojo seemed to have vanished, i feel like i'm getting back on track now. I have the pleasure of being asked to be Guest Design Team for the month of February for a great little online store, will let you know the details when it's all official. I can't wait to show off what i created with the absolutely divine Basic Grey Bittersweet papers!

I am also currently in the process of applying for another Design Team position, will see how i go ;-)

This weekend is Cybercrop over at Scrap of Difference, check it out, theres some great challenges including my challenge which is a sketch! And also a layout challenge of "Firsts" by Nicole and Rochelle's Card challenge.

Speaking of which, i should get moving and clean up the god awful mess that is my scrap room so i can get into the tasks ahead!! Hope everyone is well and happy!! :-) and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! xxx

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