Thursday, 25 September 2008

Its been a while....

HI all..... I have been very slack at this blogging thing.. will add that to my endless list of things to improve on.. lol.. Life's just been cruising along for me really... Olivia has just had a few days away with her father, she said she had a good time, but then said, "But mummy, i don't think i will go to see my dad again, because i just missed you too much" Bless her.. She's been a perfect angel child since she got home, and has just been such a delight to be around :-) Big girl next year - off to school.. What happened to my little baby???? :-(

Things are going well with my Design Team position, i am loving it and enjoying getting involved, and in a way FORCED to get off my lazy butt and scrap more often! Which is precisely the kick i needed!!! All the other girls are just lovely and i'm really enjoying it! :-)
On other "scrap" news, i was extremely thrilled to have one of my layouts accepted by the Basic Grey website for display in their gallery. For those non scrappers, its a pretty big thing, ihave submitted quite a few over the years, and never once got one accepted!! (Basic Grey is a HUGE scrapbooking brand i guess you could say, in the US) So pretty pleased with myself on that one :-)

Health wise, my Graves seems to be fairly under control, my last levels were within the normal limit, and although i still feel extremely tired some days, i am doing a whole lot better than a few months ago! Yay... I have also kick started my big weight loss journey.. having put on quite a few stray kg's with the thyroid thing.. All going really well so far, i hope to lose quite a few more before i head overseas in November with my gorgeous friend Holly.

Very exciting, we are off to Thailand for almost 2 weeks!!! Single yummy mummy's getaway!!! Sooo cant wait, oh the shopping, sight seeing, relaxing... aaaahhhhh.... Planning on spending at least a whole day at a Spa getting pampered, and who knows what else we might get up to! We are going to wing it and organise our days once we get there. But i'm hoping to once again go to the Tiger Temple, which was one of my highlights last trip, and also hoping to get in some diving off the coast of Phuket.. Can't wait, and i really need a holiday!!!!!!! Counting down 7 weeks from tomorrow, and it can't come soon enough!!!!

Hmmm not much else to report... i have been on a self imposed "Man ban" all year, which has been an extremely healing and healthy thing for me to do, i must say, its wearing a bit thin now.. Its been 9 months, which is a bit sad really... But i flatly refused to get screwed around again by another man, especially after that last horrendous experience i survived, (!!!!) so i am just happy being me, and spending time with my girl, my family and my friends and not bothering with getting out there dating again.. Besides, i just haven't met anyone "worthy" as yet..... LOL!

Anyway, thats enough rambling from me.... Hope everyone is happy and well :-)

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