Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hi ALL! I know, its been a while!

Greetings.... It has been a while!!! I havent had a whole lot of time lately.. well, i have, but i have been doing other stuff!!! The last few months have been a bit crazy... Liv is going well.. although at the moment, she is 4 1/2 going on 15 i swear. She is full of attitude, and "Im not wearing THAT mum"... Drives me freaking crazy some days, but shes as gorgeous as ever........
Marc and i have had a bit of a rough time of late, and he's moved into his own place in Paddington.. Its all good though... ;-) Things are going well.. Have been flat out leading up to xmas... And working the 12 hours shifts has been absolutely killing me.. But then again, i guess i only have to do 2 days a week.. Sad thing is, i seem to be more wiped out than usual, so end up just bumming around and sleeping on my days off... The best news from me , is that in just 5 shifts.. ok, its nearly 3 weeks, lol.. i will be on HOLIDAYS! Woo hoo... Its exciting for me anyway, first time i have had xmas holidays in 17 years of nursing!!! And this will be my first xmas not working in quite a few years! We're planning a pretty big one, at Mum and Michaels.. And Tracy and Chris and the girls are also celebrating with us.. So sure there will be plenty of cocktails by the pool if anyones around and looking for some action.. lol ;-). Even more exciting news is that Marc and I are heading up to the Magnificent Whitsundays on the 27th December. Woo hoo.... We are really looking forward to it !! ALthough we were initially planning to go overseas, we left booking it till too late and couldnt get a flight to ANYWHERE!!! Seriously!! Tried- Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, NZ, NOTHING... so bit of a bummer, but who can be unhappy at going up north anyway?? Cruising around the Whitsundays on a yacht.... ah, that is the life.. .We're having New Years up there too, so it should be fun! Not a lot else to report.. im starting to get my scrapping groove back, lol.. I have been a bit quiet the last few months.. But after some very serious (and damaging) shopping at Scrapbook City with Tracy today, im feeling all inspired again... Got $100 worth of stuff free due to the amount of reward points i had racked up!! Hate to think how much i actually spent to get them... ooopss...... Ah well...... Anyway, hope everyone is well and happy... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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