Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Love catching the babies..... lol ;-)

Well... have had a fairly relaxed few days.. I worked night duty last night.. ho hum.. But it was all good, i "caught" a baby, which always makes me happy! (4320g, intact peri ;-)).. lol...... (like most of you know what that means? lol, my midwife mates will though :-) It means BIG baby, no stitches.. Yaayy.... Being out on the road visiting mums at home most of the time, means i dont get to catch babies much these days.., so it was a bit of a highlight for my week..... And i have a whole month in birth suite, which is very exciting for me....... yeah ok,,, im tired alright?? lol
We have a rather busy September going on....Apart from kicking back a bit this week (only working Thursday - woo hoo), and catching up on the house work.. ho hum.... - Im working all this weekend, as well as going to Mum's jewellery party and Curry night on Saturday,. next weekend Marc and I are off to Sydney, im finally going to meet my baby cousin Grace, who is now almost 4 mths old! Marc's taking me "home" to Lithgow, to meet the rest of the family and his friends and see his family home as his mum has just sold it and is moving up this way. So it should be fun!
The weekend after that is my dear friend Cynthias 35th, which she is celebrating in style with a cocktail party at Peppers Resort in Hervey Bay, so im looking forward to that!
Thats September gone, we have had such a busy year, i don't think i have achieved very much.. but anyway........ Theres always next year to do stuff, like, hmmmm???Finish this damn house maybe??? lol... One day.....
Anyway, thats it for now.. Im off to bed, while the rest of you are out working.. heheee......
Hugs xxxxx

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