Monday, 23 July 2007

It's Monday!

Howdy all... Well... i still have yucky eyes, turns out i have a nice little bug called Streptococcus Pneumoniae... Nasty.. Doc has put me on some oral antibiotics now, so hopefully it will clear up soon! Driving me nuts, its been 9 days now of manky eyes... lol... Doc says i should be able to go back to work by the end of the week, and i am sure hoping so!! Believe it or not, i have been relatively bored! Not to mention that the poor old pay won't be looking too healthy!!

We had a quiet weekend, spring cleaning and relaxing really. I also managed to scrap 7 pages in the last few days, which is a small miracle for me. Liv has been really good, she spent yesterday with Nanny before Nanny had to go to Melbourne for a week (She has a new job and went away for training). Olivia just loves her Nanny time. Marc is a bit sick now with the same flu i have had for the past week.. Poor baby....

We are hoping to both be very well for our holiday which is in just over 2 weeks!! I can't wait!! I think i will go mad taking photos, i just bought a new Canon Digital SLR a few weeks ago. Cost a fortune, but it is good fun and takes beautiful photos.

After our fire crisis last week, we have finally installed the smoke alarms, so all is good. The oven on the other hand, is looking a bit sad, and i might have to think about buying a new one soon. It still works ok, but any excuse to update it, i never liked it anyway.. lol :-)
Anyway, thats is for us for now................ xxx

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