Monday, 30 July 2007

Happy Monday

Greetings all.. Well, its Monday again, the start of another week... I have a feral week this week, working every day except for today :-( ok, i know, i get no sympathy off anyone who works 5 days a week, but i only usually do 3, so its a bit stressful for me.. haha..... However, the light at the end of the tunnell is that i am on HOLIDAYS after Friday, for 3 whole weeks, yippee... We are now on the countdown, only 10 more sleeps till we go on our big overseas adventure!! Soooo excited about it!! We had a reasonably quiet weekend.. I scrapped Friday night and all day Sunday with Sandie.. Marc even joined me in the study in the afternoon, building his remote control bike thingy. lol.. Well, he figured he needed a hobby seeing as he calls himself a "Scrapping Widow"... lol.. At least that way, we could still chat and spend time together whilst participating in our respective hobbies.. lol.... Olivia will be 4 on Friday, i cant believe how fast that time has flown by! She's very excited about her party on Saturday, its a Mad Hatter party, so it should be fun!
Anyway, thats all for me today.... Hope every one is happy and well! ;-) xxxxx

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